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The best comfortable e-bike

Portable & Lightweight E-Bike

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An all-terrain E-Bike for commuting and off-road thrill

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20*3.0 inch all-terrain tires

E20 is equipped with all-terrain 20*3.0-inch fat tires, which are not only comfortable to ride, but also can easily cope with complex roads such as snow, mud, and sand.

450Wh removable battery

The E20 is equipped with a 450Wh large-capacity lithium battery. After charging for 5 hours, the battery life can reach 70km. If the battery fails within 6 months, it will be replaced with a new battery for free.

250W legal motor

The E20 is equipped with a European-legal 250W motor with 44Nm torque and a top speed of 25km/h. If you are not an avid outdoor motorcycle enthusiast, then E20 is enough for you to use it in any scene.

Windgoo App

E20 supports the "Windgoo Smart" smart app, which can check the bicycle mileage and power, map navigation and vehicle fault inspection at any time.

The E20 is more suitable for tall riders and has a more comfortable seat cushion.


The boost mode is really great, you only need to step on the pedal lightly to get a strong power




Full of vigor, full of desire to explore the world


Long range, all terrain tires


foldable, lightweight

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