Windgoo Warranty Policy

Effective date: June, 2023

For Windgoo products that have quality problems during the warranty period, Customers can make a warranty application. After receiving the customer's after-sales , Windgoo after-sales personnel will contact you within 24 hours and confirm after-sales warranty related matters.

Warranty Description

After the receipt date of the product, if there is a non-human damage performance failure, after being confirmed by the WINDGOO after-sales service center, the warranty service will be handled for customers.

We offer FREE aftersales service during warranty period, but would charge accessory replacement, according to the usage period and accessory lifecycle. 

Please check the service cost as follows: 

Usage Period
Service Charge
Accessory Charge
< 6 Months Free Free All
6-12 Months Free 50% Battery/Motor/Controller
6-12 Months Free Free All exclude 
12-24 Months Free 100% All
>24 Months Paid 100% All
Man-made damage Paid 100% All


Electric bicycles and electric scooters are large products, the products will be properly packaged for delivery. In rare cases, the products will inevitably have bumps and scratches due to express delivery. Without affecting the appearance of the product and normal riding, the slightly scratches are not warranted as a quality issue.

If the product has serious transportation damage, customers can make a warranty application through the email contact@windgoo.co . After receiving the customer's after-sales complains, we will contact you within 24 hours and confirm after-sales warranty related matters.

Non-warranty terms

The following situations are not covered by the warranty:

  1. Exceed the validity period of the product warranty as mentioned above
  2. No warranty card, invoice
  3. Human-caused damage
  4. Damage caused by irresistible factors (such as fire, flood, storm, lightning, earthquake, etc.)
  5. Any damage caused by the use, maintenance and adjustment not in accordance with the requirements of the "User Manual"
  6. Disassemble or repair without permission
  7. Other failures and damages not caused by the design, manufacture, quality and other problems of the product itself
  8. The accumulated mileage has exceeded 2000 kilometers
  9. For any accidents caused by unauthorized/private modification of vehicles or parts purchased from Windgoo non-official distribution channels, the user shall bear the responsibility and is NOT covered by Windgoo warranty.