Windgoo Payment

1. Which payment method does Windgoo accept?

Answer: We accept all major credit and debit cards.


2. Can I cancel my order?

Answer: If the order status is "not yet Shipped", please contact Windgoo at as soon as possible and our customer support team will help you cancel the order within 24 hours of receiving your email. Please note that your order status might be changed to "Shipped" while your request is being processed, in which case, cancellation cannot proceed, and a normal Return Policy will apply.


3. Will all the products be shipped in one parcel?

Answer: It depends. Accessories can be shipped together with the scooter/bike. However, scooter/bike could not be shipped with another scooter/bike. So we would split your order into several pacels if you buy over one scooter/bike for one order.


4. How can I get an Invoice?

Answer: Contact us at and provide your order number and frame number, our team will get back to you.


5. Can I change my order?

Answer: If you want to make changes to a placed order, please kindly contact us via as soon as possible. Please note that an order modification is only possible before the order status changes to "Shipped", and we are not able to change a "Shipped" order.


6. Is the VAT and shipping fee included in the selling price?

Answer: Yes, VAT and shipping fees are included in the selling price stated.


6. What about my refund?

Click here to learn more about Windgoo Refund Policy.